New Juices Have Arrived

At Liquid Nutrition we believe in the age-old mantra that customers come first. You have always supported and appreciated us, gave us honest feedback and helped us move forward. It’s no wonder then that Liquid Nutrition juice bar has become a global brand now with people from everywhere raving about our products. It’s all thanks to you. Your unending commitment to our products is what drives us and when you asked for a change, we were ready to deliver. So all you fitness fanatics hold up! We have introduced a brand new range of healthy juices. Prepare to drink life into your system and cleanse it naturally.

People will always ask us why should we move to juicing and we always reply that it’s not only for your body but for your soul too.  At the front, juicing is just a process in which you take a handful of raw fruits and vegetables and through various mechanisms get its juice and drink up the delicious liquid. But there is so much more to juicing than this. The benefits it offers are tremendous and cannot be ignored. Let’s look at the top 10 benefits of juicing that it offers.

We lose essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis and our body needs to be properly hydrated to replenish it. Juicing does not only provide hydration but it also helps us in recovering the key vitamins to keep our body cells healthy and alive.

There are no doubts that juicing will increase your health and fitness but what does it do for your outer appearance?  Apparently, it does plenty. A good concoction of fruits and vegetables will keep your outside fit and healthy too. It can cure a lot of problems from wrinkles to acne and dry skin. Plus, eating and drinking healthy brings a glow to your face that no other makeup product can achieve.

Our body needs a balanced alkaline level to fight off common diseases. In today’s world what we eat is generally acidic in nature and can disrupt with the ideal ph balance in our system. Most fruits and vegetables help in restoring the ph level to normal and create an alkaline friendly atmosphere.

Juicing lets you consume far more vegetables and fruits than you normally would. It is quite difficult for a person to eat raw fruits and vegetables in a single sitting but with juicing all of these elements can be combined in a much easier way and fulfill your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. 

When we are feeling down we rely on energy drinks to boost up but do you know these drinks are filled with caffeine and sugar. Juices contain antioxidants that help you in relieving stress. It’s better to switch to real energy which you get from juicing fruits and vegetables. It is said that the best time to drink a healthy juice is on an empty stomach as this helps greatly in the absorption of nutrients in your body. Consider having these healthy juices in the morning or at least one hour before mealtime.

Hear the word detox and you will immediately connect it with juicing. This is because juicing helps your body tremendously in getting rid of toxic waste. There are juices made with ingredients that tackle your colon, liver, kidney and other organs. The essential nutrients found in juicing will draw out the acids in your body and promote overall health.

One of the key advantages of juicing is its versatility. You can select your fruits and vegetables and even choose their quantity according to your needs. If you juice regularly, you can always use 5 to 6 different vegetables or fruits every day. Feeling stressful?  Choose a juice that’s loaded with spinach as it’s a natural stress reliever. Want to strengthen your bones? No worries because you can add up almonds and sesame seeds that are rich in calcium to give you healthy and strong bones and teeth. With juicing the best part is your options are endless.

It has been proven through research that fruits and vegetables contain natural, plants bases vitamins and minerals that help you protect against major diseases. What is a better way than juicing in which you get the maximum nutrients in a single glass?

Now when you have read up on all the benefits juicing has to offer, you must be ready to go out and consume them. At Liquid Nutrition we offer the best blend of ingredients according to your needs. Our raw, cold-pressed juices have 100% organic ingredients from our trusted suppliers so quality is never compromised. At our juice bars, we have introduced new, healthy flavors:

  • Mindfulness

  • Divine

  • Gratitude

  • Heal

  • Powerful

You will be amazed at what a single glass of goodness can do for your overall health and happiness and if words do not impress you simply visit our nearest location and try one of our flavorful blends today. Enjoy!!

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