Great Health is Just a Juice Away with Liquid Nutrition

Hands up if you’re sick and tired of so-called wonder products claiming to miraculously improve your health. The truth is, when it comes to long-lasting optimal health, the only way to achieving it is through good old Mother Nature. One of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to get your daily fill of natural goodness is a great-tasting true-to-nature fruit juice. Forget fancy weight-loss drinks. At Liquid Nutrition, we say try juicing instead! Improved Circulation Means Better Overall Health Did you know that poor nutrition is one of the contributing factors to poor blood circulation? When the body doesn’t get its fill of enough vitamins and minerals, it results in vein damage, weakened capillaries and poor blood flow. Get into the habit of regularly slurping juices packed full of ginger, carrots, kale and oranges - all ingredients known to boost not only the circulation of the blood, but also the skin, memory, hearing and vision too. Boost Your Energy Naturally We’re all guilty of it - reaching for that sugar-laden coffee when that daily energy slump happens. Here’s a healthier alternative: try a nutrient-packed juice instead. Specific ingredients like cucumber, spinach, celery and parsley will not only give you sustained levels of energy throughout your day, they’re chock full of health benefits too. Cucumber is a potent anti-inflammatory with antioxidant benefits, spinach is rich in iron, celery alkalizes the body’s pH levels and parsley encourages the oxygenation of blood cells. All this in a single fruit juice - who knew! Detox from the Inside Out You’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of drinking lots of water. But what if you could supercharge those detoxing properties with a few simple ingredients? Lemon is well known as a powerful alkalizing agent while mint can do wonders to settle an uneasy stomach and streamline your digestion. Beetroot meanwhile is a whizz at purifying not only the blood but also the liver. Learn more about franchising Liquid Nutrition here >

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