5 Reasons to join the Liquid Nutrition Bar Franchise

Juicing has gripped the world, but is it really healthy and worth the hype? Experts offer a varied opinion on this, but one thing is for sure, there is no match between our juices and ones you buy anywhere else! As it happens, extracting the juice from fresh fruits or vegetables gets you the essential vitamins and minerals vital for your optimal health. They will boost up your immune system, revitalize your body and they taste great. Read on to find the five benefits you can get if you join a Liquid Nutrition Bar Franchise.

  1. Good growth opportunity:

Liquid Nutrition is a natural Health and Wellness Company that believes juicing is the future. It is founded by Chantal and Greg Chamandy, two passionate individuals who believe that a healthy and organic lifestyle is what our society needs right now. They purchased the original Liquid Nutrition store in 2008 in Canada and now the stores can be found in Montreal, Toronto, Bahamas and British Columbia. You might say that there are juice shops scattered all over the country and why do we need to read about another one. The answer lies in the difference.  Liquid Nutrition is a company headed by a strong team of management and suppliers who are constantly working to make this a globally recognized brand. You too can help make this possible.

  1. Passionate about health? Liquid Nutrition is for you:

You might be a budding entrepreneur searching for the perfect opportunity or a health conscious individual trying to make a difference in your community. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate looking to open your own business or a retiree willing to invest in something worthwhile. If you have the drive and passion to kick-start a rewarding career, then owning a Liquid Nutrition store is for you. With your commitment and our guidance and experience, we can create a successful, long-term business.

  1. Minimum Costs required:

At Liquid Nutrition we want to build a long-term relationship with people who have the same mission as us, to promote healthy living within our community. With the initial franchise fee set at only $10,000, it is a major opportunity that is not to be missed. For building your liquid nutrition store you do not need a very heavy investment. In fact, you can have a kiosk or a traditional store set according to your budget.

  1. Guidelines Provided:

We will provide you with our branding guidelines to keep in line with our brand image. We will also provide initial training for one person so that you are completely familiar with all our processes.  By being the owner of a liquid nutrition franchise, you will engage in a long-term relationship with your customers that is both mentally and financially rewarding. Our experts will guide, train and support you along every step to build a successful career out of this amazing opportunity.

  1. Success is within easy reach:

With obesity and other illnesses on the rise, people are now looking more than ever for healthier eating alternatives. This creates a strong opportunity for businesses who want to create a positive difference in their lives. Juicing is the need of the hour and with Liquid Nutrition Juicing, success is just around the corner. For more information visit >>

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